St Lucia Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Investment-based immigration to St Lucia is becoming increasingly popular. St Lucia Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a scheme that allows people and their families to receive citizenship in exchange for making a financial commitment to the country. The tropical benefits of St Lucia, as well as visa-free travel to over 130 countries, are compelling reasons to get a second passport and relocate to this lovely island.


You may learn more about St Lucia’s economic citizenship in this Smart Guide, which includes:

This book will teach you all you need to know about relocating to St Lucia as an investor.

Your guide to obtaining citizenship in Saint Lucia through investment
Individuals can earn citizenship through CBI programs by investing in the country, mainly through real estate or government donations. The St Lucia economic citizenship program is the newest and one of the most popular methods to get a second passport, thanks to its unspoilt landscapes, pleasant temperature, and world-class beaches. A passport from Saint Lucia can be obtained by investing in real estate, the National Economic Fund, a government bond, or a business.

By investing in Saint Lucia, you can get a passport.

There are several reasons to seek Saint Lucia nationality and citizenship through investing. The investment program’s distinctive benefits range from its thriving trade and busy tourist sector to its idyllic beaches and private lifestyle:

  • Application procedure is simple: One of the quickest turnaround times from the time the application is received. In as little as three months, your application will be processed.
  • The whole family is eligible: Spouse, children, parents, and grandparents are all included.
  • The cheapest second passport: A Saint Lucia passport may be obtained for a minimum cash donation of $100,000. In terms of travel flexibility, St Lucia’s passport ranks 32nd.
  • Only after approval is an investment required: Complete your investments after your citizenship application has been approved.
  • There are no residency or visitation rules, so you may be as creative as you want. Furthermore, there is no requirement for an interview, degree, or managerial experience.
  • Visa-free travel is unquestionably a strength of Saint Lucia’s passport.
  • Visa-free travel to approximately 140 countries is available from Saint Lucia, including the Schengen zone of Europe, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and others.
  • Capital, wealth, and inheritance taxes are all exempt from taxation.

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