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Average house price in Trinidad

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  • Average house price in Trinidad

    Is there any way to find out the average selling price of a house in Trinidad? Is there a zillow or real estate association with public records?

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    Good Morning Terrell, The property prices in Trinidad & Tobago varies on its location, age of the property, approved / unapproved & sq footage ; It its a new one storey, it can range from TT$1.2-TT$1.8M; if its a two storey it can range from TT$1.8M TT$2.5 ( Again these figures differs depending on the the three factors stated above); Property owners can also do a valuation of their property to determine an accurate market value; Records of sales are normally lodged at the Ministry of Legal Affairs but are not always easy to obtain ;We hope this was helpful; Regards Just For You Property Consultants Ltd