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  • Find A Home That Meets Your budget

    After you have located the property that fits your budget, our agents will provide you with the things you should know and be aware of when buying property in St Lucia.

    Property Valuation Report

    A property valuation report is a MUST and pre requisite by all mortgage lenders in St Lucia. Every bank of St Lucia or Credit Union have a list of the Approved Valuators. The valuation report is generally the valuator’s opinion on the market value of the property based on the home’s plumbing, electrical systems, foundation, roof, and overall condition. The property valuator does not provide the cost estimates to repair any faults. The buyer is generally responsible for any faults and repairs after closing.

    Title Of Property & Using The Services Of An Attorney

    After you have received your valuation report, it would have attached a land register which would show title, and any liens that may prevent a smooth conveyance. The land register would not show High Court liens on the property, hence the reason you MUST hire an attorney to do the necessary searches for you. Our agents can assist you with finding the best attorney to for your transaction.

    Home Owners Association (HOA) Dues

    Condominium and gated communities does have HOA fees. The developers would disclose the terms and conditions upon interest in purchasing. Always ensure that you are comfortable with the disclosures before considering making an offer.