The first step in buying a house in St Lucia is to choose the right real estate agent. Do not choose an agent merely on a referral by someone or because that agent “looks nice”. Do your investigations and ensure that the agent specializes in the sales area that you are looking, just like doctors and lawyers.

At Realty St. Lucia, our agents are very knowledgeable with the communities in St Lucia and offer just that. We continue to educate and train ourselves because we believe this will contribute to all of our success.

These days it is very easy to locate properties through simple online queries such as “St Lucia Homes”. It may not be in your best interests to be searching hundreds of websites to locate a house for sale in St Lucia.

Realty St. Lucia trained and experienced agents can help find you the right community, finance institution, reliable attorneys and explain the home ownership buying process in St. Lucia. Tell us your budget and liking and we will filter out inappropriate properties and even find you off-market opportunities. If you can’t find the property you desire on our website, please fill in our “Buyer Inquiry Form