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Why cleanliness can spell more booking to your property rental


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We recommend that landlords take their responsibilities seriously. Rental housing can bring a wealth of experience, but it also means that you need to bear certain responsibilities and obligations. In addition to hospitality standards, the following methods can help you become a responsible landlord. 

Healthy and clean

In order to reduce the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and allow guests to book more confidently, Airbnb requires hosts to abide by our enhanced cleaning procedures, which provide you with expert guidance on house cleaning and disinfection. In addition, please refer to our quick guide to the cleaning process for an intuitive understanding of the five-step cleaning and disinfection process.

The local government in your country or region may also issue health and safety guidelines, which may include mandatory cleaning procedures and social distancing guidelines. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to understand and follow these local guidelines. Our landlord obligations page for each country/region is a good place to learn about these health and safety guidelines. That is when a property service provider or commercial/ residential cleaning company can help you to maintain cleanliness to your rental property 


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